SEP Consulting

We help companies plan, fund and grow their business in Finland and beyond by offering product development, funding and internationalisation consulting, services and hands-on help. 


Product and software development

Helping companies with manufacturing molds and managing cost-effective and reliable outsourced software development teams

Public funding

Helping especially small and medium-sized Finnish companies effectively utilise public funding options for their business development needs 


Helping companies prove their market, unveil new business opportunities and start and manage sales ensuring regulatory compliance in new markets


Having taken a multi-award-winning IoT platform all the way from an idea to international markets ourselves, we have unique hands-on, deep-in-the-trenches and full-spectrum experience from every stage of product development and a strong network of trusted professionals we work with when helping others looking to launch or grow their business in Finland, Europe, UAE or beyond.

Satu Niemelä


Satu is a public funding, PR and marketing expert with specialist qualifications in foreign trade and corporate management, and in late 2022, also in product and service development. She’s also a digital sales and marketing specialist and a certified chairman of the board, member of the board and copywriter. 

Satu holds a Licentiate’s degree and a Master’s degree from Oulu University.

Erasmus van Niekerk


Erasmus has more than 10 years of exceptionally versatile experience from product and business development, having spearheaded his own company’s development and grown the business of his clients. 

Erasmus is a problem-solver at heart who believes that often, it’s harder to get to the starting line than the finishing line. 

Erasmus has a BBA from Oulu University of Applied Sciences, and an almost-finished civil engineering degree from his native Cape Town.


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