SEP Consulting

Elevating businesses from concept to global markets with tailored funding,

strategic prototyping, and comprehensive growth services.

Let's transform your idea into reality.


Public Funding & Private Financing:

Assisting Finnish companies in effectively utilizing funding options for business development and product innovation.

Business Development Consultancy:

Crafting market expansion strategies and identifying new opportunities for domestic and international growth.

Internationalisation Support:

Guiding companies through market validation, uncovering new business opportunities, and managing sales with regulatory compliance in new markets.

Project Management & Strategic Planning:

Offering comprehensive project management across various domains, including strategic planning and alignment.

Board & Leadership Consultancy:

Providing expertise in board work, governance, and leadership advisory services.

Prototyping Services:

 Facilitating the design and development of prototypes to validate concepts and prepare products for successful market entry.


From the spark of an idea to its manifestation as a multi-award-winning IoT platform on the global stage, our journey is a testament to perseverance, innovation, and strategic acumen. Erasmus, with his deep-rooted expertise in business development and technological alignment, and Satu, a maestro in marketing, business growth, and localisation, together form a formidable duo. Our combined experiences grant us a panoramic view of the intricacies involved in every stage of product evolution. This comprehensive insight is bolstered by our expansive network of trusted professionals, each a specialist in their domain.

Beyond just theoretical knowledge, we’ve been in the trenches, faced the challenges, and navigated the complexities of the business landscape. This hands-on experience positions us uniquely to guide businesses, whether they’re budding startups or established entities, in their aspirations to grow and make a mark in Finland, Europe, and beyond.

Satu Niemelä


Satu Niemelä is a seasoned marketing, business development, and localisation dynamo, amassing over 20 years of diverse experience in these realms. Dedicated to driving growth and championing quality, her endeavours have led to the forging of powerful relationships with international brands and the successful navigation from product ideation to global markets. 

Specialising in public funding and PR, Satu’s comprehensive skill set is further bolstered by her specialist qualifications in foreign trade, digital sales, and corporate management. As both a Certified Chairperson and Member of the Board, she exemplifies leadership and commitment in every venture. Her academic pursuits are anchored in a Licentiate and Master’s degree from Oulu University, with a spotlight on English Philology. 

Beyond this, her continuous engagement in product and service enhancement, and her dedication to learning and development, showcases her holistic approach to professional growth and innovation.       

Erasmus van Niekerk


Erasmus brings to the forefront over two decades of robust leadership in business and product development. His journey, marked by an unwavering dedication to innovation, has been instrumental in shaping businesses from their embryonic stages to internationally recognised entities. A fervent entrepreneur and seasoned consultant, Erasmus meticulously bridges the realms of technology, market expansion, and strategic partnerships.

Recognising that the essence of success often lies in the initial steps, he demonstrates an unmatched prowess in charting new territories and setting solid foundations for growth.

His diverse academic background is underpinned by a BBA from Oulu University of Applied Sciences and a comprehensive study in Civil Engineering from Cape Town, a combination that speaks volumes of his unique blend of business insight and technical know-how. Beyond his accolades, Erasmus’ holistic perspective ensures he remains at the forefront of industry trends, always striving for the next pinnacle of achievement.


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